Lancôme &Padina

Loving these 2 items❤️ 
Lancôme L'absolu Rouge 386
#Padina まつ毛美容液 ♡!パディナ 購入時は、may15 と入れて15%off エンジョイしてね!❤️ yah! Thank you for the product and the coupon, Padina 

Amarin shoot in Thailand

It was so much fun!!! My quick Thai trip today for Amarin TV & TBS xoxo
Iiyone Japan! 
For the shopping show
At Japan expo Central world 
On my way to the studio xoxo

Opera Winter version ♡

オペラ いつも可愛いメイクと写真、ありがとうございます♡
メイ パクデイ May pakdee xoxo



may Pakdee xoxo

Oppen Cosmetics


cover for Oppen♡what an honour!
メイパクディ May Pakdee xoxo